Extreme Clean Over

Does your place of business need a make over? Extreme or otherwise? If so, your first move most likely will be to call a contractor and/or painter to have them come out and assess the situation. However, before you do, my suggestion is to have a commercial cleaning company come out first. What they are able to tell you may end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Bringing the color and vibrancy back into your place of business may be as simple as having it deep cleaned by a reputable janitorial company. What lies beneath the dirt and grime lingering on your walls, lamp shades, blinds, windows, equipment and furniture may be a wealth of tones and textures that when uncovered will refresh and reenergize your work environment. Some commercial cleaning companies are much better than others at performing this service, so make sure you do some homework before signing a maintenance agreement.

To illustrate my point, our janitorial company recently performed a deep clean at a local restaurant. The owner was in redecorating mode, believing that her place was in desperate need of an esthetic pick-me-up. Yes, the place was rather gloomy and dull, but this was due to the layer of dust and grease that covered just about everything rather than the color of the walls and decor.

After about 30 man hours of degreasing and detailing, our deep clean team was able to restore the shape, color and texture of the items inside the restaurant thus rejuvenating it’s unique character and ambiance. The owner was so amazed that she picked up her phone and cancelled the paint job that she had scheduled earlier in the week! She put everything back up on the walls and scheduled her next deep clean for six months later, realizing that keeping and cleaning is much more feasible than discarding and replacing.